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Struts Online Training India

Struts Online Training

Struts Online Training by Real time faculties

1.Difference between Servlets and Struts

  • Features
  • Why JSF?
  • Benefits Of Using JSF
  • JSF provided Web MVC
  • Installing JSF
  • Navigation
  • FacesServlet Configuration
  • Managed Beans
  • A Sinple JSF-Based Application with Eclipse

2.JSF User Interface Components

  • What is Components?
  • Components Types
  • JSF Tags

  • JSF Html Tags
  • JSF Core Tags
  • Controlling Page Navigation

  • Static Navigation:
  • Dynamic Navigation:
  • Managed Bean

  • Managed Bean Scope

3.JSF Validator

  • Standard Validator
  • Custom Validator

4.JSF Convertor

  • Satndard Convertors
  • DateTime Convertors
  • Number Convertors
  • Custom Convertors
  • Binding Components

5.JSF Event Handling

  • Action Events Listener
  • Value Change Listener
  • Phase Listener

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